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Russia and Ukraine on Crimea


Crimea is an autonomous parliamentary republic within Ukraine and is governed by its own constitution, in accordance with laws of Ukraine

Russian President cites controversial referendum held under Russian military occupation where the decision was to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia
Russian President rejects Western opposition, sayiung the same countries endorsed Kosovo’s independence (2008) from Serbia: “You cannot call the same thing black today and white tomorrow
US calls it “nothing more than a land grab”, warns of more actions against Russia

Same Sex marriage is legal in England and Wales

The countdown began to the moment when same-sex marriage becomes law in England and Wales (March 28, 2014), the final stage in the long fight for equality for gay men and lesbians. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that, finally, after years of campaigning, any couple who wants to get married can get married.
Several couples are vying to make history by saying “I do” in the first few minutes, when the historic marriage law passed by parliament last year comes into force.
Many more plan to exchange vows in the hours that follow, including one couple who will perform almost the entire ceremony — barring the legal declaration — in song for a television programme entitled “Our Gay Wedding: The Musical”.
Civil partnerships have been legal since 2005 and marriage brings no new rights — the ability to adopt, for example, was introduced in 2002. But campaigners demanded full equality with heterosexual couples.
Gay marriage was championed by Prime Minister David Cameron’s government, and a rainbow flag will fly over government offices in London all weekend in celebration. Although members of Cameron’s Conservative party and the established Church of England opposed the move, it has support from the majority of the public. The law is the final victory in a long battle stretching back to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England in 1967.

The Church of England had opposed same-sex marriage, insisting weddings should only take place between a man and a woman, and secured an exemption from the new law. The House of Bishops last month also warned clergy they should  not bless married gay couples. But Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the leader of the world’s 80 million Anglicans, indicated that the Church would no longer campaign against the issue.
In Brighton, Neil Allard and Andrew Wale hope to be the first gay couple to get married by exchanging vows at one minute past midnight in the picturesque surroundings of the Royal Pavilion. In London, Peter McGraith and David Cabreza are also bidding to make history by marrying at midnight in front of friends and family, including their two adopted sons. The couple have been together for 17 years and hope their wedding will send out a message around the world.

Fifteen countries have legalised gay marriage and another three allow it in some areas, but homosexuals remain persecuted in many parts of the world.

New Chief Secretary for Tamil Nadu

Mohan Verghese Chunkath, now Additional Chief Secretary heading the State Department of Environment and Forests, has been promoted Chief Secretary. The 58-year-old Mr. Chunkath succeeds Sheela Balakrishnan, who has been appointed Adviser to the State government. Ms. Balakrishnan, who is retiring on March 31, will hold the post for one year or till the need for it ceases. She has been the Chief Secretary since December 31, 2012 and her predecessor, Debendranath Sarangi, was Advisor to the government for two months after retirement.
Born in Thrissur, Mr. Chunkath, who holds a post-graduate degree in Zoology, has been heading the Department of Environment and Forests since December 2012. He belongs to the 1978 batch of IAS officers and his wife, Sheela Rani, is his batch mate too. In his 36-year-long innings, he held various positions including the Collector of Dharmapuri district and Secretary in charge of Higher Education Department. As the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency about six years ago, he identified solar energy as an area to be promoted vigorously.

Known for keeping a low profile, Mr. Chunkath is a well-known scrabble player and he has won many tournaments. Two years ago, his publication - Nature Rambles (Mover Books) – was launched and veteran agriculture scientist M. S. Swaminathan hailed him for showcasing urban biodiversity heritage through just 200 examples of the variety of nature in Chennai.

Annual Survey of Industries in Indian States

The latest Annual Survey of Industries done by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) said that, Karnataka has overtaken Gujarat to become the second-best state in industrial performance behind Maharashtra.
Maharashtra continued to lead the tables of net value added in 2011-12, according to the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI), while Gujarat slipped to third position for the first time in more than decade, possibly because of the slowdown in exports. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are fourth and fifth on the list. Gujarat’s economic performance has been subject to much scrutiny after the BJP named the state’s chief minister Narendra Modi as its Prime Minster candidate and has unleashed a campaign promising to take the Gujarat model of development to the national level.
Gujarat’s industrial performance as measured by the net value added fell by 2.5% between 2009-10 and 2011-12. The state’s contribution to the all-India industry performance fell to 10.48% in 2011-12 from 12.7% in 2010-11 and 15.2% in 2009-10.
While it comes with a lag of two years, ASI is regarded as providing more reliable data compared with the index of industrial production (IIP), as it’s based on the audited numbers of companies. Karnataka improved its position considerably from sixth place in 2010-11 to second in 2011-12, with its net value added growing nearly three folds since 2009-10 to Rs.10,310 crore. The all-India net value added expanded by 18.6%, down from 19% of the previous fiscal.

Pronab Sen, chairman at National Statistical Commission, said that ASI net value added was a fair way of looking at the states’ industrial performance and Gujarat’s falling performance could be partly attributed to the tax incentives in other states. He said, Gujarat has had its problem where its industry has been dominated by pharma and petrochemical firms and due to tax breaks given in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Gujarat’s pharma firms are opening units there. Former Planning Commission member YK Alagh said Gujarat benefited in periods of high global growth (2002-2008 in the last decade), but it correspondingly suffers in periods of recession-2009 onwards. Incidentally, India’s overall exports crossed $300 billion for the first time in 2011-12, registering a massive growth of over 17%.
Economic performance is generally measured in value added terms to avoid double counting. In terms of total output, however, Gujarat was second to Maharashtra in 2011-12, while Karnataka was fourth.
ASI covers units registered under the Factories Act with 10 or more workers on any day of the previous year, where manufacturing is carried out using a power source of some kind and 20 and more workers in case where power is not used.

Tamil Nadu had the highest number of factories in 2011-12 at 36,996, followed by Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

After India abstained vote in UNHRC, Sri Lanka release all Indian fishermen

Sri Lankan President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa ordered the release of all Indian fishermen in the island nation’s custody. The announcement, termed a “goodwill gesture” by the President’s office, comes a day after India abstained from voting on the U.S.-backed resolution on Sri Lanka at the U.N. Human Rights Council session in Geneva. Soon after the resolution was adopted with 23 countries voting in its favour, 12 against, and 12, including India, abstaining — Mr. Rajapaksa told news agency that, it is encouraging that India did not vote against us.

The release of fishermen strengthens the possibility of the two governments holding the second round of fishermen’s talks here that was earlier cancelled, reportedly due to Tamil Nadu’s refusal to send its fishermen unless those in custody. A total of 98 Indian fishermen are in Sri Lankan custody. They would be released over the next few days after the magistrate courts processed their release orders.

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Somewhere in Varanasi

No need to target Narendra Modi: AIADMK

The AIADMK took the view that there was no need to criticise the BJP or its Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, as it is the Congress-led UPA that has been responsible for the present crisis in the country. The ruling party’s explanation, published in the AIADMK’s organ, Namadhu MGR, comes as a counter to CPI(M) state secretary G. Ramakrishnan’s poser as to why the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was silent on the BJP and Mr. Modi in her poll campaign.
Asking why the Gujarat Chief Minister should be targeted here, the AIADMK organ said that after all “elections are held for the Lok Sabha. It is the ‘Italian Congress’ that joined hands with the DMK and swindled the nation. What is the need for criticising the BJP and the Modi?”.
The AIADMK’s contention is that while the Congress-led UPA was involved in a series of scandals including the 2G spectrum scam, Adarsh Housing Society scam, the Commonwealth games scam and in purchase of helicopters, “there is no necessity to target the BJP”.
The AIADMK also wanted to know why Mr. Ramakrishan, espousing secularism and harping on DMK leader M. Karunanidhi’s lamentations, had spared the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam leader Vijayakant who had aligned with the BJP.

“That is why we have kept away from both saffron and khadi. The hue and cry of Mr. Ramakrishnan’s cannot divert the efforts of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to form a government that will secure the rights of Tamil Nadu,” the party organ said.

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United States of India

MDMK chief Vaiko has called for revoking the ban on LTTE and strengthening the country’s federal structure on the lines of the USA, a demand which is unlikely to go down well with his national ally, the BJP. Releasing his party’s manifesto in Chennai, Vaiko said India should be called “United States of India”, and “there is a need to review the Constitution”.

The party,in its manifesto, vowed to revoke the ban on LTTE and work towards a separate homeland for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Vaiko said the controversial Sethusamudram project should be implemented after addressing the concerns of local communities and environmentalists. He said the party will strive for the closure of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.
“To safeguard unity and integrity of the country and strengthen federalism by giving powers to the state,there is a need to review the Constitution,” he said.

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Seetharaman said parties could have their own manifestos. “But a common minimum programme for any coalition government will be worked out on the basis of which the government will function,”she said.

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Classified 1962 war report revealed for first time

For the first time, a large section of the still classified Henderson Brooks Report, which details a comprehensive operational review of India’s military debacle in 1962, has been made public. An exhaustive operational review of the India-China war over both western and eastern sectors, has been published by Australian journalist Neville Maxwell on his website. The now retired Mr. Maxwell was a former correspondent of The Times of London who reported on the war from New Delhi. He authored in 1970 ‘India’s China War’ — a path-breaking, yet controversial, account of the conflict which angered the Indian establishment by drawing upon classified information to highlight the flawed decision-making that led to defeat at the hands of the Chinese.

Modern Slavery in the World

General Elections in India and inflation rate...

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Economic Freedom of Indian State

The Economic Freedom of the States of India report 2013 has shown that the Narendra Modi-helmed Gujarat remains at number one. This is an index that measures governance, growth, citizens' rights, and labour and business regulation among the country's 20 largest states. Equally, Bihar gets a huge vote of affirmation for the work done by Nitish Kumar since he took over as chief minister (CM) in 2005. The report states that Gujarat has widened its lead at the top of the economic freedom table with an index score of 0.65 (on a scale from 0 to 1.0) while Tamil Nadu remains in second position with 0.54.

The annual report estimates economic freedom based on data for 2013 using a methodology adapted from the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) annual reports. The three states recording the fastest improvement in economic freedom have been among the fastest-growing states.

3 ladies in Indian Politics -crucial role in 2014 election

Asian Games 2014 @ Incheon

Ace archer Deepika Kumari and double Olympic medallist wrestler Sushil Kumar are selected as the goodwill ambassadors for the Asian Games. Three life size mascots were unveiled.
The slogan of the 17th Asian Games, “Diversity shines here”, was depicted nicely in the road show organised in New Delhi, which had hosted the first Asian Games in 1951.
After the Summer Olympics, the Asian Games may be the biggest sporting event in the world, with 36 disciplines including eight non-Olympic events, but the President of the Incheon Asian Games Organising Committee (IAGOC), Kim Youngsoo, said that every effort was being made towards an economically effective Games so as to give hope for the future hosts with possibly tight budgets. It will be the third Asian Games to be hosted by Korea after Seoul (1986) and Busan (2002). The organisers have promised ‘to build harmony and share the glory of victory’. As another token of goodwill, the Korean organisers also presented $1500 each to the badminton academy run by P. Gopi Chand and the Markandeshwar Hockey Centre.

After expressing confidence about delivering the best medal tally in the Asian Games, despite it being a heavy season with the Commonwealth Games and the World Championships, Deepika Kumari and Sushil Kumar, posed with the three mascots — Vichuon (light), Barame (wind) and Chumuro (dance) — to cap a memorable presentation. 

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Two new species of birds in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Researchers at the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands recently recorded two new species of birds — the Great Short-Toed Lark and the Blue and White Flycatcher.
K. Venkataraman, Director, ZSI, told that the first bird (Great Short-Toed Lark) was sighted in December last year in the Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary, where a sparrow-sized bird was found foraging on the sand. The bird was photographed to confirm the identity.
Dr. Venkataraman said there was no record of this bird in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, it was recorded in Southern Myanmar which was published in the book The Birds of Burma in 1953. This yielded some interesting information about the migration pattern of this bird. During their survey, the ZSI authorities sighted the bird in the southern seashore of Landfall Island that was devastated by the 2004 tsunami.
The Blue and White Flycatcher, is a migratory bird and breeds north east of China, south east of Russia and in North Korea. The bird was sighted in the Saddle Peak National Park in North Andaman. The team of researchers from the ZSI could not identify the bird immediately. A reference to the field guides helped establish its identity.

NDTV 2014 Election Forecast for Tamil Nadu

NDTV Opinion Poll - 5 Indian States where women feel safe/unsafe

NDTV 2014 Election Forecast

 Narendra Modi's BJP is set to be the single largest party with 195 seats in the new Lok Sabha, but the national alliance that its leads, the NDA, at 229, will fall short of a majority, the NDTV opinion poll shows. It will need the support of 43 more MPs to get to 272, the halfway mark in the 545-member Lok Sabha, for which elections will be held next month. 
The ruling UPA, led by the Congress, is likely to get 126 seats only, the survey shows. The Left and other allied parties like the Samajwadi Party and Nitish Kumar's JD(U), which have recently announced a non-Congress, non-BJP alternate front, are set to get 55.                     
It is from the "Others" column of 78 seats that the BJP will have to win more friends to make up the numbers it needs to form government. Among them, Tamil Nadu's J Jayalalithaa is set to add 27 and West Bengal's Mamata Banerjee 32 seats in massive victories in their states. Will they support a BJP government?

Possible ways for BJP in 272 half-way mark:
Mamata Banerjee has said an emphatic no Narendra Modi as PM. Jayalalithaa has not and it will be to this "good friend" that the Mr Modi is likely to look first. Smaller parties like the JMM, Raj Thackeray's MNS, the Sikkim Democratic Front, Independents and others, who would not be averse to supporting a Modi government can add another 14.
The BJP will still be a couple of seats short and could well reach out to the Telangana Rashtra Samithi or TRS expected to be the big winner in what will be the new Telangana state, with 11 seats. The TRS is as yet non-aligned having spurned the Congress' offer for a merger and showing little enthusiasm so far to be a pre-election ally.

Friday, March 14, 2014

'Orphaned' Congress Struggles to Identify Candidates in TN

Finding 39 candidates for Tamil Nadu is proving to be an uphill task for the Congress which is fighting a lonely battle in the State with no political ally. And that seems to be the reason why the party top-brass tried to persuade senior leaders and sitting MPs, including Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, not to shy away from the polls.
But Chidabaram, it seems, has advised the Congress leadership to convert the challenge into an opportunity. A top party leader coming out of a meeting of the Central Election Committee said that the FM “was not agreeable, he’s in retirement mode, wanted the next generation to take over the mantle.’’
It seems, Chidambaram during the discussion said: ‘Why field the same tired faces, why not try something new.’ His son, Karti Chidambaram’s name has been doing the rounds as a replacement for him in Sivaganga constituency.
Meanwhile, in Salem, speculations as to whether former Salem MP and former Tamil Nadu Congress Committee (TNCC) president  KV Thangkabalu will contest from Salem or not were laid to rest on Monday as the leader has decided not seek election this time. The decision comes a few days after senior Congress leader G K Vasan announced that he would not contest in the polls.

Veteran parliamentarian and Union Minister for PMO V Narayanasamy will contest the Puducherry Lok Sabha seat once again,  after he has been named by the AICC as its candidate for Puducherry.  

The phone call that changed Tamil Nadu Poltiics

Weeks after it happened, people are still talking of the phone call between two women chief ministers that changed the contours of Tamil Nadu's politics. It was a phone call from Tamil Nadu's J. Jayalalithaa to West Bengal's Mamta Banerjee, discussing the possibility of a "Federal Front" after the Lok Sabha elections. And it created a storm in the southern state's political circles whose reverberations are still being felt.
During the conversation, Jayalalithaa acknowledged Banerjee's warmth - that the Trinamool Congress chief has no reservations on her heading the union government after the elections if the numbers work out, that is. And Banerjee was celebrating the "blow" Jayalalithaa administrated to the Left by calling off a proposed alliance in the so-called Third Front.
Jayalalithaa wants to secure the maximum number of seats of the 40 at stake, including one from Puducherry, as for her, every MP counts. She aspires for the AIADMK to become a key player in the next union government - if none of the UPA and NDA get enough seats on their own to acquire a majority.

While the two women political leaders rejoiced, the political strategies of Muthuvel Karunanidhi's DMK and actor Vijayakant's DMDK swiftly changed. Karunanidhi deputed his lieutenants to New Delhi to meet the CPI-M's Prakash Karat to clinch a deal. Vijayakant sent his brother-in-law to New Delhi to meet BJP leaders Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari.
Another interesting aspect of Tamil Nadu politics is that except for Jayalalitha, the other major players - Karunanidhi, Vijayakant, Ramadoss and Vaiko - are focused on the 2016 assembly elections and the possible alliances then.
None of the senior Tamil Nadu leaders, except for Jayalalithaa, want to maximise their presence in the Lok Sabha. What is their hidden agenda? To prevent the Congress getting a foothold. Both Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi want the state Congress decimated.
The shrewed political manipulation was thanks to Karunanidhi's son M.K. Stalin. It was he who rejected the idea of an alliance with the Congress, saying the DMK should instead focus on the 2016 assembly polls.
The other major development of Tamil Nadu politics is a formidable combination conceived by the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi - an alliance with the DMDK and also to rope in Vaiko's MDMK and Ramadoss' PMK. If such a combination goes viral with Modi addressing three or four rallies, the BJP will not only will gain in organisational strength but could also claim the second slot in the state's politics.
There are some political pundits who bet that a Vijayakant-led front will see Jayalalithaa getting the minimum seats and pushing the DMK to the third slot. Vijayakant's DMDK has such a mass voter following in many parts of Tamil Nadu that the BJP wants to capitalise on this in formulating a strategy for the 2016 assembly polls.

The DMK is a cadre-based political party but ridden with family quarrels. The DMK has also fielded many of Karunanidhi relatives. Thus, after the Karunanidhi era (he is 89), many senior DMK leaders may prefer to go with the AIADMK or the DMDK - and few with the MDMK.

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General Election 2014 - TN -alliance and supporting parties

50 years for "Kadhalikka Neramillai" film

Not very far from where it all began, a motley group, thrown together 50 years ago, and bound by that solitary incident, gathered on March 08, 2014. The four of them, in the twilight of their lives, sat in Chennai’s not-yet-summer gentle shade, and spoke about that epoch of their lives: ‘Kadhalikka Neramillai’.
The three heroines of the film — Kanchana, Rajasree and Sachu — and one of the men behind the rip-roaring comedy, ‘Chitralaya’ Gopu, co-writer on the film with director Sridhar, came together, chatting merrily over cups of coffee and biscuits, talking as if they were still on location at the Aaliyar dam bungalow; as if not a day had gone past since.
In March 1964, ‘Kadhalikka Neramillai’ broke out on celluloid screens in the South, in glorious Eastman Colour, with songs (by Vishwanathan-Ramamoorthy) that were an instant hit. It was a romcom (romance and comedy), in the days before the word came into being, probably, and from a director known for his pathos and gripping scenes that wrenched tears out of you.

Gopu, Sridhar’s buddy, says, “We were sitting in a car on the Marina, opposite the DGP office, when I told Sridhar, ‘Why don’t we do a comedy?’ Initially, he was reluctant. He thought the audience would not accept a comedy from him.” Sridhar agreed in the end, and decided to go the whole hog and do a full-length comedy. He came up with the stunning title, which translates to ‘No time for love’.”
“We were so thrilled to be working with Sridhar sir,” the women chorus. Kanchana, an airhostess, made her debut; Rajasree, the Telugu actor, got a break in Tamil; and though Sachu had started as a child star, this was her first solid role. “Sridhar sir had the courage to introduce fresh faces,” says Sachu. From time to time, they crack up at the recollection of a fond, shared memory. The loudest laughs are reserved for reminiscing about the legendary scene between Nagesh and Balaiah, where the former is narrating a horror story.
“I was standing behind, trembling to control my laughter. The moment the scene was over, the entire team began to laugh, so hard, we soon had tears running down our faces,” says Kanchana.

Rajasree played the heroine, not only in Tamil, but also in Telugu (‘Preminchi Choodu’) and Hindi (‘Pyar Kiya Jaa’). “Those colours and the clothes… we wore nighties, and tight jeans, perhaps for the first time in Tamil cinema. The movie breaks for interval with a shot of a lipstick mark on a pillow. You could say it was sexy in a subdued way, for our times,” says Rajasree.
For all the success the film turned out to be, no one wanted to exhibit it initially. “Chitralaya, our production house, released the film in Madras, at Casino Theatre, and in Madurai. In a few weeks, however, distributors were scrambling to exhibit it. The story line is simple: a businessman tries to find rich grooms for his daughters, one of whom has fallen in love with a middle-class guy; a comedy of errors follows. It was the elements that went into the film that made it rich. Everyone on the team did a fantastic job,” says Gopu.

As the four of them chat on, the shadows lengthen. If you hear them speak, you cannot tell they are alone. For them, Sridhar hovers about in spirit, as do Nagesh, Balaiah, Muthuraman and the dashing Ravichandran.
Slowly, the spacious grounds of Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram seem to fill up with the spirits of the departed stars of ‘Kadhalikka Neramillai’, and this time around, there is time to love.

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International Women's Day: India's female pres, pm, cm, gov lists

March 08, 2014
Theme: “Equality for Women is Progress for All

The UN theme for International Women's Day 2014 is "Equality for Women is Progress for All". The Google Doodle on the eve of IWD 2014 (7 March 2014) featured an International Women's day doodle video, showing images and videos of women around the world, with music by Zap Mama.

List of Indian female President:-
Ø     Pratibah Patil: Jul 25, 2007 - Jul 25,2012

List of Indian female PM:-
Ø     Indira Gandhi (Jan 24, 1966 - Mar 24, 1977) -> 11 years and 59 days
Ø     Indira Gandhi (Jan 14, 1980 - Oct 31, 1984) -> 4 years and 291 days

Women Chief Ministers in India: Fourteen women have served as the chief minister of an Indian state. Currently, three are in office—Vasundhara Raje, Jayalalithaa and Mamata Banerjee. Of the eleven states to have been headed by a female chief minister, only three—Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh—have had two. In the Republic of India, a chief minister is the head of government of each of twenty-eight states and two union territories (Delhi and Puducherry). According to the Constitution of India, at the state-level, the governor is de jure head, but de facto executive authority rests with the chief minister. Following elections to the state legislative assembly, the governor usually invites the party (or coalition) with a majority of seats to form the government. The governor appoints the chief minister, whose council of ministers are collectively responsible to the assembly. Given he has the confidence of the assembly, the chief minister's term is for five years; the office is subject to no term limits.

Total Tenure
      Sucheta Kriplani
      Uttar Pradesh
       1258 days
      Nandini Satpathy
      Odisha (Orissa)
       1278 days
    Shashikala Kakodkar
       2084 days
 Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party
   Syeda Anwara Taimur
       206 days
   Janaki Ramachandran
      Tamil Nadu 
        23 days
      Tamil Nadu

      Uttar Pradesh
        2554 days
    Rajinder Kaur Bhattal
        388 days
     Rabri Devi
        2746 days
     Sushma Swaraj
       51 days
    Sheila Dikshit
       5484 days
    Uma Bharati
    Madhya Pradesh
       259 days
    Vasundhar Raje*

    Mamata Banerjee*
       West Bengal


List of Indian Female Governors:
Sarojini Naidu
Aug 15, 1947
Mar 02, 1949
Uttar Pradesh
Padmaja Naidu
Nov 03, 1956
May 31, 1967
West Bengal
Vijayalakshmi Pandit
Nov 28, 1962
Oct 18, 1964
Sharda Mukherjee
May 05, 
Aug 14, 1978
Andhra Pradesh
Sharda Mukherjee
Aug 14, 1978
Aug 05, 1983
Kumubden Manishankar Joshi
Nov 26, 1985
Feb 02, 1990
Andhra Pradesh
Jyoti Venkatachalam
Oct 14, 1977
Oct 27, 1982
Ram Dulari Sinha
Feb 23, 1988
Feb 12, 1990
Sarla Grewal
Mar31, 1989
Feb 05, 1990
Madhya Pradesh
Feb 19, 1990
Dec 18, 1990
Rajendra Kumari Bajpai
May 02, 1995
Dec 18, 1990
Rajani Rani
Apr 23, 1998
Jul 29, 2002
Fathima Beevi
Jan 25, 1997
Jul 01, 2001
Tamil Nadu
Sheila Kaul
Nov 17, 1995
Apr 23, 1996
Himachal Pradesh
Rama Devi
Jul 26, 1997
Dec 01, 1999
Himachal Pradesh
Rama Devi
Dec 02, 1999
Aug 20, 2002
Pratibha Patil
Nov 08, 2004
Jun 23, 2007
Prbha Rau
Jul 19, 2008
Jan 24, 2010
Himachal Pradesh
Prbha Rau
Jan 25,  2010
Apr 26, 2010
Kamla Beniwal
Nov 27, 2009
Urmila Singh
Jan 25,2 010
Himachal  Pradesh
Margaret Alva
May 12, 2012
Sheila Dikshit
Mar 04, 2014