Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy b'day Ajith: Thala's ten memorable quotes

May 01 is Tamil actor Ajith's birthday. The actor normally prefers to stay away from the press and limelight. Ajith believes in talking through his films. Here are ten Ajith quotes that have made the audiences think over the years.
*     It hurts me to see fans posting very lewd comments about each other. I hope it stops. It's appalling for a common person to see such comments on social networking sites. Professional competition will always be there between different genres of actors. But to make personal, lewd comments, it doesn't go down well. That should stop. Whoever does it first, will be looked upon.
*     I didn't let the child in me die, it's still alive!
*     You can of course review whether a film is good or bad, but few get personal and comment that I'm fat. After 15 operations my metabolism has changed entirely. I consider that me walking with my two legs as a big deal. I'm very, very thankful for it. I may not be a good dancer, but I'm trying. Even after so many operations I'm jumping off a helicopter, I'm fighting... But it's always that few get personal and comment about my looks which dishearten me...
*     Never lose your self respect for anyone. Give your 100 per cent towards your work. Please study well. I studied only till 10th standard. I have struggled a lot and that route is really difficult. I needn't have struggled so much if I studied well. Live and let live.
*     I understood clearly that an actor's job is much more than his appearance on screen. Considering the prevalent competition, an actor's responsibility is manifold.
*     I take both success and failures alike. They have made me mature and strong as an individual. You only get better and better, wiser by the experience.
*     I've always had a need for speed. Ever since I sat in a car I wanted to be a professional racer. Lots of people have told me how difficult it is. But I'm not going to fail and I've never given anything less than my best shot in all my endeavors.
*     I know! And believe me, remaining unprovoked through all the back-stabbing and canard isn't easy. But I don't wish to give importance to people who indulge in it, by reacting to them. None can gain mileage from slinging mud at me. All celebrities go through it. You either stay back or walk away. I opted for the former.
*     The brash young Ajith is gone. Now I'm probably turning philosophical and even spiritual. I read a lot and it has made me realise the transience of fame and fortune. Agreed, it's a rat race everywhere, but let's move on... live and let live!
*     Yes, I have made good decisions, bad decisions; done good films, bad films. I've met some wonderful people and been through some very traumatic experiences but I guess that's what's made me the person that I am today.
(CNN -IBN channel said these)

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