Mains Topics 2014 - Part 1

Mains – Round Up (1)
[Useful UPSC Mains / TNPSC Group I Mains/ Others]

The current events in the Newspaper have been summarized. These may come in different marks in your exam. Prepare the topics in deep and write the answer according to the marks {a question can be asked in 3 marks and also in 30 marks also; prepare according to that}.

(01) Interlinking of India Rivers – good for economic growth and bad for environmental hazardous. Justify it.

(02) Tamil Nadu leads in Wind Energy but unable to come up in Solar Energy. Why this situation?

(03) Tamil Nadu’s economic growth is not just GDP / Per capita income but it grows with social justice. Justify this statement.

(04) Problem of Urbanisation in India

(05) Compare the following terms:
Regular Census & Socio-Economic Caste Census

(06) Tamil Nadu leads in number of agitations in India in previous year. Critically examine this statement.

(07) It is not just a natural disaster happened in Kashmir and Uttarakhand. It is a man made disaster. Explain it.

(08) Refusal of India to sign WTO’s Trade Facilitation Protocol. Explain.

(09) What do you know about Poolovaram Project?

(10) Why Tamil Nadu object to National Food Security Bill?

(11) Significance outcome of meeting between Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and World Bank President in Chennai.

(12) Population of India is both a boon and bane – Justify it.

(13) What is the need for both Houses for Indian Parliament?

(14) Why India lacks in international sporting events?

(15) Performance of India in the recently concluded 2014 CWG.

(16) Significance of Maritime Silk Route.

(17) Though there are many world class natural and cultural sites in India, but it lacks in attracting tourists. Why is it so?

(18) Transgender as third gender. What steps can be taken improve their life standards?

(19) Communal polarization in India. How to tackle it?

(20) Though India produces more computer professionals, but it is unable to develop own Operating System like Windows or Chinese do for their own use. Why is it so?

(21) What is Smart City? Will the Smart City reduce the problems of Indian Urbanisation?

(22) DINK – becoming famous lifestyle of India now. Bring about that in details mentioning its merits and demerits

(23) India’s Foreign Policy – time has to come to change it. Justify it.

(24) Role of Small Scale Industries in Indian Economy

(25) Achievements of ISRO.


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