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Jayalithaa's interview to Times Now Channel on June 28, 2011 (4 parts in Video)

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  • "Yes she has to play in Indian role for the great future . people think "
  • "Madam Jayalalitha may play a major role in national politics provided she temporarily resist the central financial aid she get by supporting Central Govt. She can stand out boldly for a good cause. Talk with eminent people in Tamilnadu and design a strategy keeping in mind the on going political turmoil and mindset of poor electoral."
  • "Well, Manish Tiwari (Congress) may well try to see Mamta Banerjee's victory to be no less significant than Jayalalitha's, conveniently forgetting the fact that Mamta was facing WB elections with the total support of UPA govt (special trains and other special sops to the state to woo the voters), but Jaya had none of that. She was fighting a strong UPA alliance in TN, and especially a very hostile opponent in DMK. Therefore, the victory in TN assumes more significance, especially in light of recent movements against corruption. The people's power prevailed, which showed clearly in TN. Let Manish be reminded of this."
  • "Democracy is based on checks and balances. If the Lokpal is vested with all powers, including prosecuting the PM, will it not lead to dictatorship? Who will punish the Lokpal and his team if they do wrong?"
  • "The reasons Ms. Jayalithaa has advanced for excluding the Om form Lokpal's ambit are quite convincing. A PM can be effective only when he has the freedom to function."
  • "TN CM Jayalalithaa's concern that bringing PM under the Lokpal bill is genuine and valid. The manner in which she has handled the questions points to her maturity and wisdom. Political leaders giving interviews should take a lesson or two from her. While answering the media, leaders should be more focused on conveying their views, rather than answering mindless questions."

Jayalithaa's interview to Times Now Channel on June 28, 2011

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leader and Tamil Nadu Chief MinisterJayalalithaa, who had made an offer of support to the United Progressive Alliance on November 11, 2010, prior to A. Raja's removal as Telecom Minister, has reiterated that it was only a one-time offer; there was no question now of working with the Congress. She said a political realignment could happen before the 2014 general elections. “Anything can happen anytime,” she said when asked about the possibility of elections before 2014. The people wanted a strong and authoritative government to give them a sense of security. She did not rule out the possibility of national political realignment in the near future but did not explain why she felt such a realignment can happen anytime soon. She made it clear that she had moved on from 1999 when she withdrew support to the Vajpayee government, leading to its downfall: in the present context she might have acted differently. She did not rule out the possibility of a third front emerging, or the possibility of her being a part of it.
Excerpts from an interview the Chief Minister gave Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of the Times Now television channel, in Chennai on June 27.

Ms. Jayalalithaa, I've always considered you to be forthright and direct. When you spoke to me last on November 11, 2010, you made a dramatic offer, and I'm quoting you: you said if required the AIADMK would be willing to support the Central government. May I ask you ma'am, the circumstance and context in which you said that, and how you look back at it now?
In November 2010, the entire political situation was different. At that time, the Centre had not taken any action against those involved in the 2G spectrum scam. Though the nation was expecting [it], no action was taken. So at that time there was a feeling that the Centre was hesitating due to the compulsions of coalition politics. So that's why I made the offer, so that the Congress could feel assured, so that it would not have to suffer in case the DMK withdrew support to the government…. It was in that context that I made the offer, so that the Congress that was heading the coalition at the Centre would be reassured, so that if it did take strong action against corruption the government would not suffer and the government would not fall because of such action. So that they could continue. It was to give them that reassurance and the confidence that I made that offer. But now, the situation has totally changed. The Congress has made it clear that it has an alliance with the DMK, and it did face the elections with the DMK. And even after the results were known and they suffered a massive defeat, the Congress continues to say that they have an alliance with DMK, and it continues to be a part of the ruling coalition. And till date it is an important part of the alliance.
So, why were they so cool to your offer at that point of time? Because it was a very explicit offer. In fact you even put out the numbers. You said to them that the Congress does not want to lose the support of those 18, but now, and I'm quoting you, the DMK's position has become untenable, Raja's position became untenable. In fact Raja went three days after my question. Ms. Jayalalithaa, why were they cool to you? And do you think you set the ball rolling for Raja's ouster?
That's what the entire nation felt and said. But as to why [the] Congress didn't take up my offer, you should put it to the Congress. It's all history to me, it's in the past. It was a totally different scenario, [it's a] totally different situation in politics now. It doesn't exist anymore.
But don't you think political alliances, Ms. Jayalalithaa… the Congress leaders have said, and I'm quoting them, that the relationship with the DMK and the case against Mr. Raja are not related. That's what they say.
But that's not the way the nation sees it, that's not the way the people see it.
But my question again, Ms. Jayalalithaa — I'm going to be persistent on this — I can't fathom why they said no to you. The relationship with the DMK did not work electorally, they had a standing offer from [you] and yet they didn't take up the offer, act on Raja. It's a bit of a piecemeal effort, isn't it?
You used the words ‘standing offer.' It wasn't a standing offer [I] made in November. It wasn't a standing offer. And I repeat, as to why the Congress didn't take up that offer, they should answer it, they are the best judges and they should answer your question. As far as I'm concerned, I made that offer in a particular context, in a particular situation. And as far as I'm concerned, that situation doesn't exist anymore.
Do you think coalition politics with a greater role for regional players is the order of the day?
I can't make any predictions, I'm not an astrologer. But in trying to answer your questions, I can only say that it does seem that the days of single party majority rule are over. I think we are destined to live with coalition governments in the future. I don't think any party is capable of getting a single majority on its own.
By that definition, you as leader of one of the largest parties apart from the Congress and the BJP in the present political situation in India, in 2014… you will be a major player. You can't restrict yourself to Chennai.
Let's wait for the next general election to come around. It's hardly been a month, a month and a half or may be a little over a month since I took over. Let's see how this turns out.
Can I please interpret your earlier answer… you seem to indicate a mid-term election could happen, before 2014?
Anything can happen at any time. I didn't say something would happen. Anything can happen. We have to be prepared.
Prior to 2014?
Possibly, anything can happen.
Why do you say so?
No, I don't want to elaborate.
Everyone is very keen to know what you have been talking to top BJP leaders, and there has been a great deal of attention paid to your meeting with Sushma Swaraj, on the fact that Narendra Modi being present at your swearing-in ceremony, a very important gesture. Ideologically, surely you have no differences with the BJP in terms of working with them?
Earlier, when Mr. Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Chief Minister for the second time, I attended his swearing-in ceremony in Ahmedabad in 2002. So Modi returned the compliment now when I was sworn in. When you refer to Sushma Swaraj, you are omitting Sheila Dikshit. Both Ms. Sheila Dikshit and Sushma Swaraj are very charming and gracious ladies, both are my friends and paid courtesy calls, and especially called on me to congratulate me on my victory in the recent Assembly elections. Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad is a very good friend of mine and has appeared as a lawyer for me in some cases, so we know each other really well. So, we call on each other when we get the chance.
People say Narendra Modi could be a prime ministerial candidate of the BJP, Sushma could be prime ministerial candidate. So there is a slight difference between them and Sheila Dikshit and the two other leaders who you mentioned. Therefore, the general feeling is that everyone in the BJP, especially those who are aspirants for the top job, would believe that they can't get there without your support. Do you feel that is not an important inference for us to draw about your meetings with the BJP?
I've friends in all parties. My friends have spread all over the political spectrum, so I have good friends in the BJP, the Congress and other political parties too. They call on me as friends. They are friendly visits, and if you choose to read more into it, then I'm not responsible for it. It's not my problem.
The Congress party said when the Gujarat Chief Minister was here at your swearing-in ceremony: they said, I don't think there needs to be any elaboration that the Gujarat Chief Minister has orchestrated the worst genocide in independent India and therefore should not be touched with a barge pole. This comment was made only because Modi came here for your swearing-in ceremony
Let's not get into a discussion on Narendra Modi. He is a good friend, that's all.
When you look back at 1998-99, you said that time moves on and political views change. The reasons for which you had differences with the NDA in 1999, and now when you look at it in 2011... Could there be a fresh start?
Any person evolves with time and experience. It's the same with any political leader. If the same situation that occurred in 1999 had arisen today, I'd have acted differently and responded differently. You gain experience as time goes on. So, what was your question?
When you look back at 1999, the circumstances in which you withdrew your support to the NDA and in 2011 when you look back, you say that things move on, you say you could have reacted differently?
I'd like to stress on one thing: if you constantly keep looking back and harping on what goes on in the past, you cannot go on, can't do politics. So if you insist on what transpired in the past, and you dwell on issues that happened in the past, you're stagnating. You're preventing yourself from moving forward. As far as I am concerned, I live in the present and look towards the future.
In today's political environment, if Jayalalithaa is ambivalent — not ambivalent perhaps, but equidistant from both the parties — then that would throw up a whirlwind of opportunities for political parties in Delhi. What about the possibility of a third front? It did badly in the 2009 elections. Do you think, given the federal structure of our politics and the fact that the States need a greater voice at the Centre, that it is realistic or unrealistic… or perhaps a third front in the future?
Anything can happen in politics, and particularly in India anything can happen in Indian politics. So let's wait and see what the future throws up.
Would it be unrealistic to think about it?
I said let's wait and see what the future throws up. The future may not be so long away either.
Why do you say that? The future is quite far away as of now.
Well, that's what you think, but there could be changes earlier. As I said, you never know what will happen because one can generally sense what is the mood of the people. The people of this country want a change. They want a strong government in the Centre. They want a strong, authoritative government at the Centre. They want a government that will have a no-nonsense attitude towards corruption, and they want a government that will provide security against our unfriendly, hostile neighbours. So anything can happen in the future.
I would request you to give your observations on the national mood. You've seen the Lokpal debate. Where do you stand on the issue of, say the inclusion of the Prime Minister in the Lokpal bill, an issue which the government clearly is not keen to discuss?
I will enunciate my views very clearly. The proposed Lokpal bill should exclude the Prime Minister for the following reasons: the Prime Minister is already covered under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Any misconduct by the Prime Minister can be investigated by the CBI. Sometimes the Lokpal could be used by foreign powers to destabilise the government. But when a frivolous and politically motivated complaint against the Prime Minister is referred before the Lokpal and if the same is telecast by the TV channels — which will run it round-the-clock — it would dent the Prime Minister's credibility and authority. Even if nothing comes out of it, it will seriously dent the authority of the Prime Minister.
The Lokpal can investigate all allegations, and therefore when the allegations are levelled against the Prime Minister, when a complaint is put before the Lokpal, he will be put on the defensive and will be occupied in defending himself. In such an event, how can the government which is reliant on the Prime Minister work? The functioning of the Lokpal, inclusive of the Prime Minister, will pave the way for a parallel government which will undermine the authority of the Prime Minister. The State government of Tamil Nadu hasn't given its view, since no final draft has been arrived at. The Lokpal is much more than what is envisaged in the PCA. The State's view is that the Lokpal is much more than [has been] envisaged. The State's view can be formulated only after the final draft is given in Parliament. That's my view I have enunciated.
There are two ways in which politicians can be at the national level. It's inevitable that you'll play a role at the national level…
That's your assessment.
It has been the experience in the past.
I take it as a compliment, thank you very much.
What about a national role? Is it impossible to conjecture that you will look for a larger role for your party and yourself at the national level? Please don't dodge the question.
I'm not trying to dodge your question, I will answer it in my own way. I take life as it comes. I never planned a career in politics for myself. I never had any preparation for a career in politics. I never thought I could be Chief Minister and I didn't want to either. Somehow I did, and I became Chief Minister not once, but three times. I've no national ambition for myself. I have an ambition for India: I want India to be the superpower in the world. It has the potential to be [one]. So for that it needs a strong, patriotic leader at the helm of affairs. I've no personal ambitions, I go where my destiny takes me.

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கக்கிலீக்ஸ் கக்கினால்..?

என் விஷன் எப்டின்னு பாக்காதீங்க! ஆனா... எனக்கொரு விஷன் உண்டு... அது என்ன விக்கிலீக்ஸுக்கு போட்டியா டிக்கிலீக்ஸுன்னு திக் திக் விஜய் சிங் மட்டும் சொல்வா..ரா..மா? ஏன்... நாங்க சொல்ல மாட்டமா? எனக்கும் தெரியும்! எல்லாம் தெரியும்! எனக்குத் தெரிந்தது... தெரியாதது... அறிந்தது... அறியாதது... அனைத்தையும் எடுத்து வுட்டோம்ம்னா... எல்லாம் ஆடிப்போயிடாது?! வுடறேன் பாருங்க... கக்கிலீக்ஸை! அது... டிக்கிலீக்ஸுக்கு போட்டின்னு நெனச்சாலும் சரி... இல்லை டிக்கிலீக்ஸுக்கு ஒத்துப்பாடும் கப்பிசிப்பிலீக்ஸ்ன்னு சொன்னாலும் சரி... இந்த லீக்ஸு இன்னான்னு காமிக்காம வுடமாட்டனாக்கும்! ஆமாம்!!! 

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தாத்தா சொல்லைத் தட்டாதே!

தாத்தா சொல்லைத் தட்டாதே... புத்தம் புதிய திரைப்படம். உங்கள் மனத் திரையில்!உலகத் தொல்லைக் காட்சிகளில் முதல்முறையாக உங்களைத் தொல்லை செய்ய வருகிறது... காணத் தவறாதீர்கள். கண்டுதொலையுங்கள்! இல்லை... தொலைந்தீர்கள்! ஒரு கூடை நட்பு, ஒரு கூடை சிநேகம் ஒன்றாகச் சேர்ந்த அணிதானே எங்க அசத்தல் கூட்ணி பாடலைக் கேட்கும்போது ரசிகர்கள் மெய்சிலிர்த்து கைதட்டிப் பாராட்டுகிறார்கள். தில்லிக்கு ராஜான்னாலும் தாத்தா சொல்லைத் தட்டாதே! திஹார் சிறையே நிறைந்துபோனாலும் தாத்தா சொல்லைத் தட்டாதே! பாடல் வரும்போது திரையரங்கில் விசில் சத்தம் காதைப் பிளக்கிறது. வழியே இல்லாதவன்தான் வழியைத் தெரிஞ்சவன்தான் கூட்டணிக்கு சொந்தக்காரன்... விவகாரமாகி நொந்தக்காரன்... போன்ற சூப்பர் ஹிட் பாடல்களுடன் கலக்கிக் கொண்டிருக்கும் திரைப்படம்... தாத்தா சொல்லைத் தட்டாதே... தாத்தா சொல்லைத் தட்டாதே...


What is Lokpal?

என்னது... என்னமோ லோக் பால் லோக் பால் அப்படின்னு எல்லாரும் வலியுறுத்தி விரும்பி விரும்பிக் கேக்கறாங்களே! அது என்ன புது பால்?! அதுல நல்ல வருமானம் கிடைக்குமா? குவாத்ரோச்சி அண்ணனோட தம்பி மச்சானின் மருமகப் பிள்ளையோட மாமனாரு அங்க பால் பண்ணை வெச்சிருக்காராம்... இங்க பால் சப்ளை செய்யணும் ரொம்பத்தான் மெனக்கெட்டு வர்றாரு.... அந்த லோக் பால் விற்பனையை அவங்களுக்கு கொடுக்கணும்னு சிபாரிசு மேல சிபாரிசா குவிஞ்சிக்கிட்டிருக்கு... என்ன செய்யலாம்? இப்படி முகத்தை வேற எங்கிட்டோ திருப்பிக்கிட்டா...?  விட்ருவமா?

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Teacher or Student??

One Night 4 college students were playing till late night and didn't study for the test which was scheduled for the next day.  In the morning they thought of a plan. They made themselves look as dirty and weird with grease and dirt. They then went up to the Dean and said that they had gone out to a wedding last night and on their return the tire of their car burst and they had to push the car all the way back and that they were in no condition to appear for the test.
So the Dean said they can have the re-test after 3 days. They thanked him and said they will be ready by that time. On the third day they appeared before the Dean. The Dean said that as this was a special condition test, all four were required to sit in separate classrooms for the test.
They all agreed as they had prepared well in the last 3 days.

The Test consisted of 2 questions with the total of 100 Marks.
Q.1. Your Name........ ......... ........ (2 MARKS)
Q.2. Which tire burst?...... ......... .. (98 MARKS)
A) Front Left
B) Front Right
C) Back Left
D) Back Right

This was a true story from IIT Bombay ...Batch 1992-96

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Happiness in the life...

பிரதமரை விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் கொண்டு வர வேண்டும் - தி.மு.க.

"லோக்பால் விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் பிரதமரை கொண்டுவரக் கூடாது' என, ஐ.மு., கூட்டணியில் உள்ள பிற கட்சிகள் எல்லாம் எதிர்ப்பு தெரிவித்து வரும் நிலையில், "பிரதமரை விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் கொண்டு வர வேண்டும்' என, தி.மு.க., அதிரடியாக ஆதரவு தெரிவித்துள்ளது. அத்துடன் சுப்ரீம் கோர்ட், ஐகோர்ட் நீதிபதிகளையும் லோக்பால் விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் கொண்டு வர வேண்டும் என்றும் கூறியுள்ளது. இதனால், ஐ.மு., கூட்டணிக்குள், லோக்பால் மசோதாவை மையமாக வைத்து பிளவுகள் தோன்றியுள்ளன. அன்னா ஹசாரே குழுவுக்கும், மத்திய அமைச்சர்கள் குழுவுக்கும் இடையில் நடைபெற்ற கடைசி கட்ட பேச்சுவார்த்தை நேற்று முன்தினம் தோல்வியடைந்தது. "அரசு தயாரித்துள்ள வலுவில்லாத ஒரு லோக்பால் வரைவு மசோதாவை ஏற்க முடியாது' என கூறி, ஆகஸ்ட் 16ம் தேதி முதல் உண்ணாவிரதம் இருப்பது உறுதி என, ஹசாரேயும் அறிவித்து விட்டார்.லோக்பால் வரைவு மசோதா தொடர்பான அனைத்து நடவடிக்கைகளும், முழு தோல்வியில் முடிந்து விட்டதை அடுத்து, அரசு நேற்று முன்தினம் இரவு அதிரடியாக ஐ.மு., கூட்டணியின் ஆலோசனை கூட்டம் கூடுவதாக அறிவித்தது. இதுவரை முக்கிய முடிவுகள் எதற்குமே இதுபோன்ற கூட்டத்தை கூட்டாமல், சோனியா தலைமையிலான உயர்மட்ட கமிட்டியில் வைத்தே பல முடிவுகள் எடுக்கப்படுகின்றன.சோனியா தலைமையிலான இந்தகமிட்டியில், பிரதமர் மன்மோகன் சிங், அமைச்சர்கள் பிரணாப் முகர்ஜி, சிதம்பரம், அந்தோணி மற்றும் அகமது படேல் ஆகியோர் மட்டுமே அங்கம் வகிக்கின்றனர். அவர்கள் மட்டுமே கூட்டத்தில் பங்கேற்பர். இந்த சூழ்நிலையில், லோக்பால் விவகாரத்தில் ஐ.மு., கூட்டணி ஒற்றுமையாக உள்ளது என காட்டுவதற்காக, இக்கூட்டம் நடத்தப்பட்டது. ஆனால், கூட்டம் கூடிய பின் நிலைமை மாறிவிட்டது. தி.மு.க., தலைவர் கருணாநிதி தன் மகளை பார்ப்பதற்காக டில்லி வந்து தங்கியிருந்தாலும் கூட, இக்கூட்டத்திற்கு போகாமல், டி.ஆர்.பாலுவை அனுப்பி வைத்தார். வழக்கம் போல தாங்கள் எடுக்கும் முடிவுகளுக்கு அனைத்து கூட்டணி கட்சிகளும் ஆதரவு தெரிவிக்கும் என, காங்கிரஸ் தலைவர்கள் எதிர்பார்த்தனர்."பிரதமர் பதவியை லோக்பால் விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் கொண்டு வர தேவையில்லை. பிரதமர் பதவி உயர்ந்தது. இப்பதவிக்கு எந்த விதத்திலும் களங்கம் வந்துவிட கூடாது' என, திரிணமுல், தேசியவாத காங்கிரஸ் உள்ளிட்ட அனைத்து கட்சி தலைவர்களும் தங்களின் கருத்துக்களை எடுத்து வைத்தனர். தவிர மாநில அளவில் அமைக்கப்படும் லோக் அயுக்தா அமைப்பும் தேவையில்லை என்றும் கூறினர்.ஆனால், தி.மு.க.,வின் டி.ஆர்.பாலு தன் கருத்துக்களை தெரிவித்த போது அனைவரும் அதிர்ச்சி அடைந்தனர்.
அவர் பேசியதாவது: பிரதமர் பதவியை லோக்பால் விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் கட்டாயம் கொண்டு வர வேண்டும். இன்றைக்கு மன்மோகன் சிங் போன்ற நேர்மையானவர்கள் பதவியில் இருக்கலாம். நேர்மையானவர்கள் தான் இந்த பதவியில் அமருவர் என, எந்தவிதமான உத்தரவாதமும் கிடையாது. நாளைக்கு வேறு யாராவது பிரச்னைக்குரிய நபர்கள் இந்த பதவியில் அமர நேரிடும். எதிர் காலத்தில் என்ன வேண்டுமானாலும் நடக்கலாம்.இன்றைய சூழ்நிலையை வைத்து மட்டுமே, இப்போதைய பிரச்னையை பார்க்க கூடாது. இன்றைக்கு உள்ளவை எல்லாமே நிரந்தரமாக இருக்கும் என நினைத்து விட கூடாது. லோக்பால் சட்டம் நிரந்தரமானது. எனவே, எதிர் காலத்தை கருத்திற்கொண்டு பிரதமர் பதவியை இந்த சட்ட வரம்பிற்குள் கொண்டு வருவதே சரி. பிரதமர் பதவி என்பது அதிகாரம்மிக்கதோடு மட்டுமல்லாது; பொறுப்பு வாய்ந்தது. எனவே, அந்த பதவியும் பதில் சொல்ல கடமைப்பட்டது என்றே மக்கள் நினைக்கின்றனர்.மாநில அளவில் லோக் அயுக்தா அமைப்பு கண்டிப்பாக அமைக்கப்பட வேண்டும். தமிழகத்தில் கூட மாநில அளவில் லோக் அயுக்தா சட்டத்தை கருணாநிதி கொண்டு வந்தார்.ஒரு மாநிலத்தின் முதல் அமைச்சரே விசாரணைக்குள் ஆஜராகலாம் என்றிருக்கும் போது, பிரதமர் பதவியில் இருப்பவர்களை மட்டும் விதிவிலக்காக பார்க்க தேவையில்லை. அதேபோல சுப்ரீம் கோர்ட், ஐகோர்ட் நீதிபதிகளையும் கட்டாயம் லோக்பால் விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் கொண்டுவர வேண்டும். இவ்வாறு டி.ஆர்.பாலு பேசினார்.
தி.மு.க.,வின் இந்த திடீர் நிலைப்பாட்டால், லோக்பால் மசோதா பிரச்னையில் ஐ.மு., கூட்டணிக்குள் ஒற்றுமை இல்லை என்பது உறுதியாகியுள்ளது. இருப்பினும், பார்லிமென்டிலோ அல்லது அனைத்து கட்சி கூட்டத்திலோ இதே கருத்தை பகிரங்கமாக ஐ.மு., கூட்டணிக்கு எதிராக தி.மு.க., வெளிப்படுத்தினால், நிலைமை மேலும் சிக்கலாகும் என்று தகவலறிந்த வட்டாரங்கள் தெரிவிக்கின்றன.

அதிரடிக்கு காரணம் என்ன?
 லோக்பால் மசோதா விவகாரத்தில், ஐ.மு., கூட்டணியின் பிற கட்சிகளில் இருந்து தி.மு.க., முரண்பட்டு நிற்பதால், காங்கிரஸ் உள்ளிட்ட பிற கூட்டணி கட்சிகளுக்கு தர்ம சங்கடம் ஏற்பட்டுள்ளது. ஸ்பெக்ட்ரம் விவகாரத்தில் தங்களை காங்கிரஸ் கைவிட்டு விட்டதை தி.மு.க., மன்னிக்க தயாராக இல்லை.அதேபோல, இதே விவகாரத்தில் நீதித்துறையும், தி.மு.க.,வை உலுக்கி எடுத்து வருவதையும் சற்று ஆழமாகவே பார்க்கிறது. இதனால் தான், பிரதமர் பதவியையும், நீதித்துறையும் கண்டிப்பாக லோக்பால் விசாரணை வரம்பிற்குள் கொண்டு வர அதிரடியாக ஆதரிக்கிறது. ஸ்பெக்ட்ரம் விவகாரத்தில் தங்களை முழுவதுமாக வஞ்சித்து விட்ட மத்திய அரசுக்கும், காங்கிரசுக்கும் பதிலடி கொடுக்கும் நோக்கில் தான், தி.மு.க.,வின் இந்த திடீர் நிலைப்பாடு இருப்பதாக கூறப்படுகிறது.

Cartoons came in some daily newspapers..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A-Listers at Tihar Jail

From the corridors of power to sleeping on the floor in a 10-by-15-foot cell, life has changed for bigwigs who form the VIP league behind bars. From A Raja to Suresh Kalmadi to some of the country's best-known telecom executives, the fabulous life has given way to lights out at 11pm - a far cry from the luxury they were used to, not so long ago. Here's a look at some of the high-profile inmates in jail.
 Kanimozhi: DMK Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi has been in jail since May 20 for allegedly accepting a 214-crore bribe in India's largest-ever swindle, the 2G scam that was reportedly masterminded by A Raja, who is also from her party. On June 20, the Supreme Court refused to grant bail to the young MP; she had moved the apex court after being denied bail by two courts - a special court set up to try the 2G scam and the Delhi High Court. Kanimozhi's lawyers argued that she should get bail because she is a woman, and because she needs to look after her young son because her husband works abroad. Lastly, Supreme Court rejected her bail. (Earlier, CBI Court and Delhi High Court too dismissed her bail plea)
Kanimozhi's first night in Tihar jail was a sharp contrast to the hustle-bustle and media frenzy that she had been exposed to ever since her name surfaced in the 2G spectrum scam. Kanimozhi, daughter of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK chief M Karunanidhi, is lodged in jail number 6 (women's cell) and ward number 8 in Tihar Jail. The court allowed Kanimozhi to carry her medicines, books and reading glasses to the jail. It even allowed her home food, but declined her plea to be allowed to continue wearing her nose-pin while in jail.
A Raja: Former telecom minister A Raja was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on February 2 and was taken to Tihar jail on February 17 in connection with the 2G scam. Raja has a separate cell of 15 feet by 10 feet in ward number nine in Tihar jail. Apart from watching television and reading newspapers and books, Andimuthu Raja plays badminton with the inmates in the evening, jail authorities say.
Authorities also say that Raja seems hooked to snacks from the Tihar canteen, which he shares with fellow inmates.
 Sanjay Chandra: The then MD of Unitech Wireless, Sanjay Chandra has been accused of conspiring with former Telecom Minister A Raja to get licenses and spectrum for mobile networks at throwaway prices. Chandra, who has been chargesheeted for cheating and conspiracy, was arrested on April 20 and has been in Tihar jail since. The CBI believes that he came up with a plan which centred on Raja abruptly advancing the deadlines for applications for licenses by a week. Companies like Unitech allegedly benefited from this and jumped to the head of the queue. Sanjay Chandra quit the Uninor top job after the Telenor Group, which holds a 67.25 per cent ownership share in Unitech Wireless, asked him to step down as the company's chairman.
 Shahid Balwa: Last year he was on the Forbes list of India's 100 richest people. His estimated net worth at the time, of US $1 billion, got him there - the youngest billionaire on the list. Today, Shahid Balwa sleeps on the floor in a 10-by-15-feet cell in Tihar jail, where he is currently lodged in connection with the 2G spectrum scam. Balwa's DB Realty had floated Swan Telecom (now Etisalat DB) which former Telecom Minister A Raja allegedly favoured in spectrum allocation. The jail recently refused his request for an iPad.
Karim Morani: Delhi's Tihar jail recently became home to another VIP inmate, Karim Morani. Cineyug Films' Karim Morani has been accused by the CBI of facilitating kickback payments to Kalaignar TV and named as a co-conspirator in the 2G scam. Morani had been seeking exemptions from court appearances citing medical grounds. He was seen wearing a neck brace during some of his court hearings. Upon his arrest, his family had issued a statement saying 'they are completely shattered by the way Morani's medical condition was ignored'.
 Gautam Doshi: Managing Director, Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) was among the five corporate executives who were arrested on April 20, in connection with the 2G scam. He was charged by the CBI with trying to conceal Reliance's stake in Swan Telecom. The CBI alleged that funding for Swan was organised overnight so that it could serve as a secret extension of Reliance.
 Vinod Goenka: Another member of India's billionaire club, Vinod Goenka, was named in the first CBI chargesheet in the 2G scam case, along with four other corporate honchos. All five were arrested on April 20.
Goenka, a real-estate developer, is the director of Swan Telecom and Managing Director of DB Realty (now Etisalat DB).
 Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara: Senior Vice Presidents of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara too were accused of setting up Swan Telecom as a front to acquire more spectrum and licenses for Anil Ambani's Reliance Telecommunications. Along with Gautam Doshi, the two other executives were also arrested on April 20. According to the rules, no operator could own more than 10 per cent in another company providing telecom services in the same area. Gautam Doshi, Surrendra Pipara and Hari Nair used Swan to get around that rule, the CBI alleged.
 Siddharth Behura: Former Telecom Minister A Raja's close aide and former Telecom Secretary, Siddharth Behura was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on February 2 in connection with the 2G spectrum scam. It was Behura who signed the files leading to the allocation of 122 licences. Behura had earlier said that he had merely implemented a decision taken by A Raja before he became the DoT Secretary, and so had no choice. He is currently lodged in the Tihar jail in the Capital.
 RK Chandolia: Also in Tihar jail is another aide of A Raja, R K Chandolia. He was also arrested by the CBI on February 2 along with former Telecom Secretary Siddharth Behura and A Raja himself. The 1984-batch Indian Economic Service officer, Chandolia was former Telecom Minister A Raja's private secretary during UPA-I when the licences were awarded.
 Suresh Kalmadi: Former Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chief Suresh Kalmadi is yet another high-profile inmate of the Tihar jail. In an extensive 534-page report submitted to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Shunghlu committee said that Kalmadi ran the Organising committee like a club and misused his powers. The CBI questioned Mr Kalmadi three times and raided his homes and offices in Delhi and Pune. On April 25, after a fourth round of interrogation, he was arrested. The three-time MP from Pune spends most of his time in a 10x12 feet cell in jail number four. According to sources, unlike his high-profile neighbours, Suresh Kalmadi is almost a forlorn prisoner in Tihar and hardly gets any visitors.
 Besides the new VIP batch, there are many other high profile convicts, many of whom are undergoing life imprisonment.
Vikas Yadav:  Son of UP politician D.P Yadav, Vikas was found guilty in the Nitish Katara murder case. Yadav's trial lasted for almost seven years and he was finally sentenced to life imprisonment in May 2008. In Tihar, Vikas works as an assistant in the jail's computer lab.
 R K Sharma: IPS officer R K Sharma was convicted by a Delhi Court on March 18, 2008 for the murder of journalist Shivani Bhatnagar and was sentenced to life imprisonment on March 24, 2008. R K Sharma works in the jail library.
 Manu Sharma: Son of former minister Venod Sharma, Manu Sharma is serving life imprisonment in Tihar jail for the 1999 murder of model Jessica Lall. Inside Tihar, Manu Sharma works in the jail factory that makes furniture.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

As freebies pour in, more TN families demand ration cards

In the land of freebies , everybody wants a ration card. There is a mad scramble for the family cards at the department of civil supplies as the government gets ready to open its bag of promised poll freebies — table fans, wet grinders and mixies. A fortnight after the EC relaxed the model code of conduct for the assembly elections, nearly 42,000 families, including 4,280 in Chennai, have applied for new ration cards.
Top Dts that applied for ration cards:
  1. Chennai (4280 families)
  2. Coimbatore (4090 families)
  3. Cuddalore (3212 families)
  4. Tirunelveli (3104 families)
The number of card-seekers in Madurai was 3,003, while, 2,687 sought the cards in Salem and 2,073 in Tirupur. Tiruvannamalai and Tiruchi districts received 1,968 and 1,804 applications during the period. 
"Many parents seek separate cards for their children. An elderly citizen even threatened to commit suicide if not issued a separate card," said a senior government official .The state has a record 1.95 crore card holders, including 22.66 lakh in Chennai.
"If I do not get a card, my family will lose out on all the freebies offered by the government . Why should I miss out?" asks the public.

Where is the Government going? Who started this freebies culture should be hanged to death. They cant give common education and health service free to all rather giving everything free... Shameless system 

அரசியல்வாதிகளை மிஞ்சிய இயக்குனர்கள்! பாடாய் படுத்தும் பதவி ஆசை!!

சட்டமன்ற தேர்தல், பாராளுமன்ற தேர்தல்களில் சினிமா கலைஞர்களை களமிறக்கி பிரசாரத்துக்கு பயன்படுத்தி வந்த அரசியல் கட்சிகளே தோற்றுப்போகும் அளவுக்கு சினிமாத்துறையில் அரசியலின் ஆக்கிரமிப்பு நாளுக்கு நாள் அதிகரித்து வருகிறது. முன்பெல்லாம் ஆட்சி மாறினால் அரசு அலுவலகங்களில் மட்டுமே காட்சிகள் மாறும்... ஆனால் இப்போது நிலைமையே தலைகீழ். ஆட்சி மாறினால் எல்லா துறைகளின் காட்சிகளும் மாறிவிடுகின்றன. அதற்கு சினிமாத்துறை மட்டும் விதிவிலக்கா என்ன? முந்தைய ஆட்சியின்போது ஆளும் கட்சிக்கும், முதல்வருக்கும் ஜால்ரா தட்டி, எதற்கெடுத்தாலும் பாராட்டு விழாக்களை நடத்தியே காலம் கடத்தி வந்த திரையுலக ஜால்ரா கூட்டம், புதிய அரசு பதவியேற்றதுமே தங்களது ‌பொறுப்புக்களில் இருந்து விலகி ஓட்டமெடுத்தனர்.

ஒரு கூட்டம் இடத்தை காலி செய்தால்... இன்னொரு கூட்டம் வந்துதானே ஆக வேண்டும். திரையுலக சங்கங்கள் எல்லாம் தேர்தல் களம் காணவிருக்கிறது. ஒற்றுமையாக இருக்கவேண்டிய சினிமாத்துறையினர் அரசியல்வாதிகளிடம் அதிக அளவில் பழகியதாலோ என்னவோ எதிரெதிர் கட்சிகள் போல காட்சிகளை அரங்கேற்றி வருகிறார்கள். அதிலும் குறிப்பாக இயக்குனர் சங்க தேர்தலில் அரசியல் கட்சிகளை மிஞ்சும் அளவுக்கு களேபர காட்சிகள் அரங்கேறி வருவது ஹைலைட்.

1975ம் ஆண்டு முதன்முறையாக இயக்குனர் சங்க தேர்தல் நடத்தப்பட்டு,  தாசரி நாராயணராவ் பல வருடங்கள் தலைவராக இருந்தார். பிற்காலத்தில் மொழி வாரியாக சங்கங்கள் பிரிந்த பிறகு 2100 உறுபினர்களை கொண்ட தமிழ் சினிமா இயக்குனர்கள் சங்கம், 1997ல் இயக்குனர் பாலச்சந்தரை தலைவராக போட்டியின்றி தேர்வு செய்தது பிறகு எஸ்.ஏ.சந்திரசேகர் 3 வருடங்கள் தலைவராக இருந்துள்ளார்.  2000ம் ஆண்டு நடந்த தேர்தலில் டைரக்டர் பாரதிராஜாவுக்கு தலைவர் பதவி கிடைத்தது. 2004ல் மீண்டும்  எஸ்.ஏ.சந்திரசேகர் தலைவரானார்.  2008ல் இருந்து தற்போது வரை பாரதி ராஜா இயகுனர் சங்க தலைவராக உள்ளார். டிசம்பரில் நடக்க வேண்டிய தேர்தல் தற்போது முடிவுக்கு வந்துள்ளது.

இயக்குனர் சங்க தேர்தல் களத்தில் நான்குமுனை போட்டி என்கிற நிலை உருவாகியிருக்கிறது. கடந்த ஆண்டுகளைவிட இந்த ஆண்டு பல இயக்குனர்கள் போட்டியில் குதித்திருப்பதால் தேர்தல்களம் ரொம்பவே சூடு பிடித்திருக்கிறது.

பாரதிராஜா, செல்வமணி, எழில், பி.வாசு, ‌கே.எஸ்.ரவிக்குமார், சுசீந்திரன், கவுதம் மேனன், லிங்குசாமி, கதிர் உள்ளிட்டோர் அடங்கிய குழு ஒரு அணியிலும்,  அமீர், சேரன், ஜனநாதன், கனி, உதயசங்கர், சிம்புதேவன், பிரபு சாலமன், ஸ்டான்லி, வெங்கடேஷ், வசந்தபாலன், கிரீடம் விஜய், கரு.பழனியப்பன், தம்பிதுரை, வித்யாசாகர் ஆகியோர் ஒரு அணியிலும்,  அர்.வீ. உதயகுமார், மஜீத், பிரபாகர் ஒரு அணியிலும் போட்டியிட உள்ளனர்.  தலைவர், செயலாளர், பதவி தவிர செயற்குழு உறுப்பினர் பதவிக்கு ஏகப்பட்ட பேர் போட்டியிடுகின்றனர்.

குறிப்பாக டைரக்டர் ஜெகன் குழுவில் பல உதவி இயக்குனர்கள் போட்டிட உள்ளனர். 12 பேர் செயற்குழு உறுப்பினர் பதவிக்கு 12  உதவி இயக்குனர்கள் போட்டியிட உள்ளனர். புதிய அலைகள் என்ற பெயருடன் களமிறங்கும் இந்த அணிக்காக, 5  கைகள் உயர்த்திய லோகோ போட்டு டி-சர்ட்டில் ஆரம்பித்து தனி வெப்சைட் தொடங்குவது வரை பிரசாரத்தை விறுவிறுப்பாக்கியிருக்கிறார்கள்.

அமீர், சேரன் போன்றோர் தலைவர் - செயலாளர் போன்ற பதவிகளுக்கு போட்டியிட, புதிய அலைகள் அணியோ செயற்குழு உறுப்பினர் பதவிக்கு மட்டும் போட்டியிடுகிறார்கள். யார் வேண்டுமானாலும் தலைவராக வரட்டும்; உதவி இயக்குனர்களின் கோரிக்கைக்கு குரல் கொடுக்க உதவி இயக்குனர்கள் சிலராவது செயற்குழு உறுப்பினராக இருக்க வேண்டும் என்பது புதிய அலைகள் அணியின் வாதம்.

இயக்குனர் சங்கத்துக்கு டைரக்டர் பாலச்சந்தரை போட்டியின்றி தலைவராக தேர்ந்தெடுத்த காலம் போய், இப்போது சினிமா இயக்குனர் சங்கத்திலும் போட்டிகள் உருவாகியிருப்பது சினிமாக்காரர்களின் ஒற்றுமையின்மையையே வெளிப்படுத்துகிறது என்ற கருத்து நிலவினாலும், இந்த போட்டிக்கு இன்னொரு காரணமும் சொல்லப்படுகிறது. அதாகப்பட்டது... சமீபத்தில் டி40 என்ற பெயரில் விழா நடத்திய சங்கத்தினர் பல‌ கோடிகளை பார்த்து விட்டதாகவும், அதனால்தான் தலைவர் பதவியை பிடிக்க ‌போட்டி அதிகரித்திருக்கிறது என்றும் கூறப்படுகிறது. டி40 விழாவில் நடந்த சில கசப்பான சம்பவங்களால்தான் டைரக்டர் விக்ரமன் பதவியில் இருந்து விலகினார் என்பது இன்னமும் வெளிவராத ரகசியம். இந்த ரகசிய சங்கதி ஒருபுறம் இருந்தாலும் சினிமாக்காரர்களுக்கிடையே பதவிக்காக நடைபெறும் இந்த மோதல் சினிமாத்துறைக்கு ஆரோக்கியமானதாக இல்லை என்பதே அந்த துறைசார்ந்த பொது‌நல நோக்கர்களின் கருத்து.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Comparison of a Girl and Boy in Facebook..

கலெக்டர் த‌ன் ம‌க‌ளை அர‌சு ப‌ள்ளியில் சேர்த்தார்

ஈரோடு மாவட்ட கலெக்டர் ஆனந்தகுமார், கால்நடை மருத்துவத்தில் முதுகலை பயின்றவர். இவரது மனைவி ஸ்ரீவித்யா, எம்.பி.பி.எஸ்., படித்துள்ளார். தர்மபுரி கலெக்டராக ஆனந்தகுமார் பணிபுரிந்த போது, அவரது மகள் கோபிகா, அங்குள்ள மெட்ரிக் பள்ளியில் ஒன்றாம் வகுப்பு பயின்றார். ஜூன் 3ம் தேதி, ஈரோடு மாவட்ட கலெக்டராக பொறுப்பேற்ற அவர், கோபிகாவை, ஈரோட்டில் உள்ள பள்ளியில் சேர்க்க முடிவு செய்தார். ஈரோடு கலெக்டர் பங்களாவில் இருந்து அரை கி.மீ., தொலைவில் உள்ள, குமலன்குட்டை ஊராட்சி ஒன்றிய துவக்கப் பள்ளியில், நேற்று காலை இரண்டாம் வகுப்பில் சேர்த்தார். பள்ளிக்கு திடீரென வந்த கலெக்டரை, தலைமை ஆசிரியை ராணி வரவேற்று, தன் இருக்கையில் அமரும்படி கேட்டுக் கொண்டார். அந்த இருக்கையில் அமர மறுத்த கலெக்டர், தலைமை ஆசிரியையை அவருக்கான இருக்கையில் அமரும்படி கூறிவிட்டு, பெற்றோர் அமரும் இருக்கையில் அமர்ந்து கொண்டார். மாணவர் சேர்க்கைக்கான படிவத்தை பூர்த்தி செய்தார். தன் மகளுக்கான மாற்றுச் சான்றிதழை தலைமை ஆசிரியையிடம் வழங்கி, மகளை அப்பள்ளியில் சேர்த்தார்.

""என் குழந்தைக்கு இலவச சீருடை வழங்கப்படுமா?'' என, கலெக்டர் கேட்டார். ""சத்துணவு சாப்பிடும் குழந்தைகளுக்கு மட்டும் பள்ளி மூலம் இலவச சீருடை வழங்கப்படும். மற்ற குழந்தைகளுக்கு வழங்கப்படாது,'' என, தலைமை ஆசிரியை கூறினார். ""என் குழந்தையும் பள்ளியில் சத்துணவு சாப்பிடும். அதற்கான பட்டியலில் சேர்த்து, பள்ளி சீருடை வழங்குங்கள்,'' என, கலெக்டர் கேட்டுக் கொண்டார். பின், குழந்தையை பள்ளியில் விட்டுவிட்டு, கலெக்டர் அலுவலகம் சென்றுவிட்டார். இதையறிந்த நிருபர்கள், கலெக்டரிடம் கேட்டபோது, ""இது என் சொந்த விஷயம்; இதைப்பற்றி சொல்ல ஏதுமில்லை,'' என்றார்.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jayalithaa's Press Meet on June 01, 2011

Responding to a query at a press conference in Chennai on Wednesday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should ask DMK Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran to resign in the wake of the allegations published in the Tehelka magazine. The questions at the press conference ranged from queries about protests over school fees to the reason why she has started wearing jewellery again. Read the entire transcript of the conference here.
Excerpts from the press conference addressed by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa at the Secretariat in Chennai on Wednesday, June 01, 2011:
Question: What stand do you expect the Prime Minister to take on (Union Textiles Minister) Dayanidhi Maran in the 2G spectrum case?
Answer: I am quite sure the Prime Minister knows what should be done in the matter concerning Mr. Dayanidhi Maran. I’m sure he will take a good decision. He should clearly tell Mr. Maran that he should resign from his ministerial post. The Prime Minister should ask him to quit immediately, if he has already not done so. Mr. Maran should quit the Cabinet and face legal action.
Q: You have said you can intervene in the issue of school fees only if the schools seek your intervention. Parents are expecting some positive announcement from you in this regard. What is your stand on this issue?
A: Until now, there appears to be no complaint. Whether it is parents or schools, if a memorandum is given to the government, that will definitely be considered.
Q: There are protests taking place here and there on this issue.
A: If the school managements or parents feel that the prescribed fees are detrimental to their interests, they can approach the government, instead of holding protests. The government will certainly take action if they approach it with a request that it intervene and find a solution.
Q: The function to launch the free rice scheme was very simple. Will all government functions be held in such a simple manner from now on?
A: Certainly. We should avoid unnecessary ostentation. My aim is that we should avoid needless expenditure, and we are fulfilling that. As far as I am concerned, I am delighted that I could fulfil one very important promise made to the people prior to the election.
Q: In Puducherry, all commodities are available on all days in ration shops. Will this system be followed in Tamil Nadu too?
A: Even now, the people can visit fair price shops whenever it is convenient to them and buy the commodities they want.
Q: During the previous regime, commodities meant for sale to the public in ration shops were sold to hotels. Will the government take any action in this regard?
A: Such malpractices took place during DMK rule. Whenever the DMK comes to power, these malpractices tend to occur. On the other hand, whenever the AIADMK assumes office, such irregularities are weeded out. Whether it was Puratchi Thalaivar (MG Ramachandran)’s regime or my regime, there were no complaints of irregularities in the public distribution system. Because of the wrong policies of the previous government, irregularities could have occurred in the PDS. Appropriate action will be taken to streamline the public distribution system.
Q: What is your stand on the latest verdict concerning the appointment of the Director General of Police?
A: The judgment came only yesterday. We are yet to read it. We can comment on it only after studying it in detail.
Q: Will counselling for engineering admissions take place only in Chennai or in four zones in Tamil Nadu?
A: It will be announced after consultation with the department concerned.
Q: Will the Anna Universities of Technology be merged with Anna University?
A: This was discussed in detail in the Cabinet meeting. The Governor’s address will contain an announcement in this regard day after tomorrow. Therefore, I’m unable to disclose the decision made in the Cabinet now.
Q: The former Chief Minister has said that the uniform system of education can be implemented after deleting the poem written by him from the textbooks, if that is the only reason why Samacheer Kalvi has been put on hold.
A: This is quite childish. We have not made any decision because he has written a poem. On the contrary, our only objective is that the standard of education to be imparted to children as a whole should be raised.
Q: You were not wearing any jewellery for a long time. Any reason why you have started wearing ear-studs now?
A: I was wondering why no one asked me about this. Since 1997, I have not worn any jewellery or ornaments. This decision, however, did not go down well with my party workers. Over the last few years, whenever they met me, my party cadre have been telling me, “We are very unhappy when we see you like this. You must change your decision and wear some jewellery.” They told me that just because some had pointed fingers at me in the past I shouldn’t be like this. They have been pressing me to give up my objection to wearing any ornaments, saying, “Karunanidhi and his family members, who have maligned you in the past, are themselves facing charges and legal proceedings. Why should you be like this just because someone had pointed fingers at you?” However, I didn’t heed their request. As soon as the results were declared on May 13, a large number of party workers gathered at my house to celebrate our victory. Some of them said that if even after this resounding victory I refused to wear any ornaments, they would pour kerosene on themselves and commit self-immolation. My party cadre tend to carry out such threats. Many have attempted self-immolation for various reasons in the past and we have been unable to save their lives. So, I was taken aback by their threat. As I didn’t want any untoward incident at a time when there was every reason to celebrate, I changed my mind and started wearing ear studs. If I had to wear some jewellery to save the lives of my party cadre, I was ready to change my mind and I began to wear ear studs from 14th. Already, some have cut off their own tongue and finger in the name of making an offering. These things cause me great distress. When I heard that a woman had cut off her tongue as a votive offering, I had her admitted to Theni hospital for first aid and later she was shifted to Madurai. And then she was brought to Chennai for treatment at Apollo Hospitals. She has undergone a surgery and she is now able to talk a little and doctors say she will soon regain her speech fully. Some newspapers have also made some comments on this, saying the Chief Minister is rewarding the woman who cut off her own tongue with a government job and that this amounts to encouraging such acts. It’s not like that. I didn’t expect that somebody would do such an act. As soon as I heard that it had happened, I rendered whatever assistance I could on humanitarian grounds. I enquired about her condition. Her husband has deserted her and she has two children. She has no income, and I thought the mother has to be saved for the sake of her children’s sustenance. This was why she was given a government job, and not because I wanted to reward or encourage her.
Q: You have said the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is under debt to the tune of Rs. 46,000 crore. Is there any chance that power tariff will be revised in Tamil Nadu?
A: All this is yet to be examined. Whatever the circumstances, we will not increase the burden on the people.
Q: It is said the previous government procured 350 MW of power from other States but failed to utilise it properly and that there were irregularities in this.
A: We will examine this issue and thereafter we will take suitable action. I wish to say something about electricity distribution. During our regime of 2001-06, there were no power cuts in Tamil Nadu. Our distribution was of high quality and all consumers got 24-hour supply. At that time, our installed capacity was 10,100 MW. As a result, we had surplus power that we sold to other States and raised revenue. Later, when the DMK came to power, everything changed. There was a decline in power generation and large scale malpractices took place in the TNEB. Inferior quality coal was imported. These were the main reasons for the fall in generation. Further, there was poor maintenance and management. Any thermal plant should be halted once every hour for maintenance, and this should be done in a planned manner. None of this happened in a proper manner under DMK rule. As a result, there were disruptions in power generation in large thermal power plants, and power had to be purchased at high prices from the private sector. We have to change all this now. There has been large scale corruption in the TNEB and we have to unearth it. We have said as an election promise that we will augment power generation by 5,000 MW. We will take steps to fulfil this.
Q: There are allegations of irregularities in the procurement of power at high prices from other States. Will there be an inquiry commission to probe such charges?
A: It is not yet three weeks since we assumed office. We are engaged in department-wise reviews. Action will be taken step by step.
Q: What is your view on the Lokpal Bill?
A: I understand that copies of a draft Lokpal Bill has been sent to all Chief Ministers, but we are yet to receive the draft. As soon as we get it, we will study the matter and express our view.
Q: During the last regime, tokens were given for distribution of colour TV sets and houses. Will the distribution continue?
A: You will get a clear reply in the Governor’s address. I can’t disclose everything now.
Q: Will there be a separate cell to receive complaints about school fees?
A: Already, there is a special cell in the Chief Minister’s office. It is enough if the complaints are sent to this cell. The case relating to fixation of fee is pending in the court.
Q: What is the condition of the government treasury?
A: Even this, I can’t disclose now. The Governor’s address will have the clarifications you seek.
Q: Will there be any inquiry commission to probe allegations of irregularities in awarding tenders for construction of the new secretariat?
A: The Governor’s address will contain a reply to this question too.

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