G.K. Bytes – December 2014 (Questions: 651 – 700)

(651) Under the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) scheme, Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi adopted the village of
Jayapur in Uttar Pradesh

(652) Seeking to present a more realistic picture of the economy, the government will release a new series of national accounts with_____ as base year for computing the economic growth rate.

(653) Name the 7 cities picked by the Union Government, for ‘heritage cities’ project.
Ajmer, Amritsar, Mathura, Varanasi, Gaya, Kancheepuram and Velankani

(654) The only Indian to made into ICC Panel of Umpires for the World Cup is
S. Ravi
(655) Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin shelves _____ (name of the project) to that aimed to reach Europe after Bulgaria blocked construction under the Sea
South Stream Gas Pipeline Project
(656) More than 1 lakh sing the country’s National Anthem to make a Guinness World Record Book. Which country is mentioned here?
(657) European Union’s top court scrapped ____ (country) with 40 million Euro fine for ignoring a 7-year old ruling and failing to clean up illegal waste sites
(658) Union Minister of Women and Child Development has advocated that every Police Station should have ____ % women force
(659) Which Bank identified Vijay Mallaya’s holding Company UBHL as ‘Wilful Defaulters’?
UBI (United Bank of India)
(660) The Current CRR is

(661) 12 spiritual leaders (including an India) across the globe met at Vatican and vowed to end modern day Slavery by ____ (year)
(662) The range of Agni IV is ___
4000 km
(663) Who is going to face Mahinda Rajapakse in the upcoming Lankan Presidential Election as a Common Candidate among Opposition Parties?
Maithripala Sirisena
(664) What is “Ilyushion – 76”?
IAF’s heavy lift aircraft that sent 22 tonnes of potable water to Maldives, which faced water crisis
(665) The inaugural Justice Nagendra Singh International Peace Award was given to
Justice Dalveer Bhandari
(666) India reports the highest number of deaths among children below the age of 5 years. The deaths are mainly due to two diseases. Those two diseases are
Pneumonia and Diarrhoea
(667) Indian Naval Academy for the first time decided to open its gates for trainees form three nations. The three nations are
Mauritius, Maldives and Sri Lanka
(668) Government of India would lay about ___ kms of optical fibre network to connect all village panchayats by high speed broadband and services by 2016
7 lakh
(669) Name the book written by Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer in Tamil
"Neethimandramum Samanvya Manithanum"
(நீதிமன்றமும் சாமானிய மனிதனும்)
(670) UK signed an agreement with ____ to set up permanent naval base
 (671) Phillip Hughes was wearing a helmet named ___ when he was hit by ball bowled by Sean Abbott, which lead to the death of Phil
(672) _____ became the first Indian to get elected as a member of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF)'s Executive Committee.
Raninder Singh
(673) Hero Motors made ___ (sportsperson) as its brand ambassador for Rs. 250 crore
Tiger Woods
 (674) What is the colour of a black box in an aeroplane?
 (675) Which is the only man made object visible from the moon?
Nothing on Earth is visible from the moon
(676) In Motor Racing, which Mercedes driver won the Formula One championship this year?
Lewis Hamilton
(677) Despite its name, for how long did the Hundred Years war between England and France last?
116 years
(678) UN declared _____ as International Day of Yoga
June 21
(679) The MP who created controversy by saying Naturam Godse (killer of Mahatma Gandhi) as ‘patriot’ is
Sakshi Maharaj
(680) Bay of Pigs invasion is related to which countries?
USA and Cuba
(681) Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that drug addiction is a psycho-socio-medical problem. Modi said that the problem of drug addiction is based on “3D formula”. What are those 3D’s?
Darkness, Destruction and Devastation
 (682) ____ won men's Hockey Champions Trophy for the year 2014
(683) Who will be the new Chief of Intelligence Bureau from Jan 01, 2015?
Dineshwar Sharma
(684) Ms. Rolene Strauss was crowned as Miss World 2014. She belonged to the country of
South Africa
(685) The headquarters of National Coral Reef Research Centre is at
Port Blair
(686) Which State in India has maximum number of ‘Statutory towns’ (2011 Census)?
Tamil Nadu (721 towns) followed by Uttar Pradesh (648 towns)
(687) Union Government decided to celebrate Vajpayee’s birthday as “Good Governance Day”, then whose birthday is chosen to celebrate as “Antyodaya Diwas”?
Deen Dayal Upadhaya
(688) UN Secretary General Ban Ki – Moon set up an inquiry committee to investigate incidents during Israel’s latest war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Who heads the Committee?
Patrick Cammaert (Denmark)
(689) What is “Project Varsha”?
India’s Naval base around Rambilli (Vizag); mainly to counter Chinese Naval expeditions
(690) The country which is to legalise same sex marriages on Jan 01, 2015 is
(691) The new Chief Minister of Jharkhand is
Mr. Raghuram Das
(692) ________ (country) has delivered its first death sentence for apostasy since independence in 1960, ordering capital punishment for a Muslim man who wrote an article deemed blasphemous of Islam
(693) In the latest ranking of badminton players, India’s Srikanth position is
(694) The country which said US President Obama as “monkey in a tropical forest” is
North Korea
(695) Who was named as 2014 AIFF (All India Football Federation) Player of the Year?

Sunil Chhetri
(696) India’s rank in the latest FIFA ranking is
171 (out of 209)

(697) ____ is the first Greenfield city developed in free India
(698) ____ won the maiden FIH Men’s Hockey World League
The Netherlands
(699) The Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games mascot have been named as ____  & ___, respectively
Vinicius and Tom
(700) UN decided to celebrate 2015 as International Year of
(i) Light and light based technologies
(ii) Soils
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